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Sonnberg Drive 'Hurt Hill' Loop

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-10-15 01:35

A mountainbike loop from Trev's in Bonnie Doon. Includes 'Hurt Hill', and it does ...

Starting at So Long (Trev's place in Bonnie Doon, off Peppin Pt Road), rlde along Peppin Point Rd towards Eildon (away from the Bonnie Doon bridge).  At the 4 way intersection go straight up the steep little hill (ignore the rusty old sign saying no through road, it isn't ...).  Follow Sonnberg Drive around the new housing subdivisions.  About 200m past the CFA watertank the road turns to gravel - start your timer here, and go!  Take it easy at first, it's a 2.63km climb gaining some 265 metres, but the first 500-800 metres is quite gentle. You have been warned ... The top is about 50 metres after a hairpin right as you crest the ridge, there's a stone monument on the right.  If you do it in under 18 minutes Vanders will have to go up and try to re-establish his record.

After that, just follow the undulating road (watch out for 'roos and wombats, especially at night) until you get to the intersection with Maintongoon Road, and then turn right and drop back down the hill.  This is a rocky and twisty road with a lot of blind corners.  Watch for bogans towing jetskis, although they'd be crazy on this road, they're not famous for sanity or safety-concious behaviour. While in theory at least the rest of the ride is do-able on a roady in the dry (although gearing will kill you up Hurt Hill), the descent down Maintongoon Road will break a roadbike and its rider.

Here's a tip, you'll be wanting a granny gear on the MTB! Have fun.


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