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Super efficient learning

by Carl Brewer last modified 2011-02-01 05:59
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We didn't have much time today ...

Today we had our first session on Dunc Gray with our sprinters - we had 90 minutes of track time.  Some of the guys had ridden here before, some had not and we needed to get them a hit out, practice their entry lines and team sprint changes etc ... So I was inspired by an old schoolmate's martial arts training session.  Breaking the golden rule of "nothing new on race day" (or in this case, at nationals), we did a drill the guys hadn't done before, but it was an efficient combination of a number of drills they had.

We mixed in flying 100/150's (100 for the girls who are racing the team sprint tomorrow), 150's for the boys who aren't racing 'til Thursday), in pairs, with a team-sprint change.  So the lead rider has a follower, hard on their wheel, rides a flying entry, swings up on the exit to a bend and the follower goes for the rest of the distance.  We've done these at DISC as a warmdown (!) but today we did them to reinforce the best line for a flying 200 and to get some team sprint changes happening.

The guys told me they liked the drill, which given that it's some 40-odd degrees here I was pretty happy with, even Hilton seemed to approve and he's a very hard taskmaster.

I think we'll use this, or variations thereof, regularly as familiarisation drills at away-grounds in future.

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