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HCC on Sundays!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-04-29 23:38

Hawthorn are running a Sunday session at DISC. Mixed feelings ...

In the unofficial Hawthorn Cycling Club mailing list 'bicigaga', I read :


It's official


2pm Sunday Afternoons at the Darebin International Sports Centre
("DISC") all winter long (1 June – 28 September 2008)


2pm: Support/ Masters Grade 20km Scratch/ Points

2:45pm: Open 40km Points/ 50km Madison last weekend of the month.

4:00pm the Floor is open- organise your own racing/ training (Good
opportunity to do some slings "hint, hint", or for the juniors to
kick the footy on the ground after the big kids!)

(This is just a guide: YOU decide the racing format on the day, YOU
decide what races you want to participate in as long as they're
broadly track endurance in nature. Racing will suit all road/ track
endurance riders of C grade and above standard, male and female, but
racing will be of an open/ mass start nature. Capacity for more and
different races subject to YOUR interest and participation)

Damage: $10 gets you 3 hours of PAIN.


Points: Sprint points awarded every 10 laps, points 5, 3, 2, 1,
double happiness (points) final sprint)
Madison: Sprints every 20 laps. Points 5, 3, 2, 1, double happiness
final sprint.
Scratch: Go nuts for 20 km!

More Details
Tim Watson xxxx xxx xxx
Stuart Vaughan xxxx xxx xxx

I can't stress enough how much we will need the support of club
members to get this up and running.

This is a good thing, more racing, but it also means that some of the HCC riders who were coming to our DISC sessions may not make it (racing, then training, then training again on the same day?). I don't quite know how they can do 3 hours for $10 per rider at DISC?  So it's good, in as much as it gets more opportunities for racing, although I understand Northcote's Thursday sessions are low on numbers at the moment, so it may be quite a gamble for a small and not terribly track-focussed club like Hawthorn to try and run another race session.  But it might have a negative impact on the aboc DISC sessions if we lose attendees that we need to make the sessions break even.  Wait and see I guess ...

I think they'll be more successful if instead of running 'just another enduro race meeting' they identify a niche and target it.  I'm sure they're in the process of putting together some sort of program, but semi-random unstructured racing is, I think, unlikely to draw much of a crowd.




Racing on Sunday??

Posted by nathanlarkin at 2008-04-30 06:10
I wonder when this is going to happen. Will it be running in between the Brunswick Training 3-5 or are they planning to use above the blue line for HCC and below the blue line for Brunswick??

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