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by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-06-30 03:46

Kilos. Again, but properly this time.

Way back in April 2008 (the 23rd)  I was rabbiting on about how I'd just squatted 180kg.  I did, but shouldn't have said squatted, they were quarter squats, not real squatsm and way easier - In my defence I didn't know any better at the time.  But, a strength coaching course, a lot of reading, training and coaching with the Olympic lifters in at the Mermet and 14 months later ... I know that a squat should be below parallel to be useful and also to be better for your knees.  So ... Today .. I'd set a goal of 180 proper squats by July.  It's the 30th of June.  Last heavy lifts were 172.5kg on Thursday last week (3 x 5).  Right.  The rain's thundering on the tin roof of the 'haus, cranked up the Star Wars theme, and go! 3 x 3 at 180kg.  Proper, genuine, real squats.  Done.

I won't crack 1500 watts tonight on the Powertap ... But that's ok.  Time now to swing to a power emphasis for a month, the new wattage target is 1550 watts, by August, and 5 x 5 squats at 180kg by August too.  That should be do-able.  I'd like to get my power cleans better, up to 90kg, and consistant flying 100's below 6.5s at DISC, also by August.  The foundations are there now ... Now to use the strenght to generate power!


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