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A lazy Sunday

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-11-16 17:27

After Saturday's DT volunteer work, I didn't do much on Sunday

Lazy - yes.

Saturday was a long day in the sun (no training, no riding etc) and I was knackered at the end of it.  Sunday I didn't do much training-wise, a good set of squats was it (5 x 5 @ 150kg, 3,750kg total).  Today (Monday) I'll squeeze in a swim at the local pool between trying to make a new USB receipt printer work with an ancient SCO UNIX business program in a virtual machine, and porting my zope and plone installs to OpenSolaris.  Fun, eh?!

One thing that we need to do better with races like the Doherty Tour is communicate with the riders.  At the BSSS, we know that riders care a lot about their results, do a F200, and we give you your time right away.  Instant feedback.  Very important.  I don't have the results yet for the DT to put on the website.  This is frustrating.  It should be up right away and a number of competitors are asking for the results, and rightly so.  They should be there! I'm trying to nag Nicko to get the results to put up.

On the Climbing Camp front, I had one more sign up today.  That makes 7, which means the camp runs at a loss, if I get 8 riders coming I'll wear the loss, but 7 is too much for a very broke aboc bank balance! 10 is the break-even number of attendees, I'll wear a loss on it, but not a huge one.  Want to come to Hotham the week before the Tour of Bright?  Sign up!

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