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Residual fatigue?

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-10-08 22:35
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I hope so!

Dino and I hit the Blackburn velodrone this morning for some strength efforts then a F200 and a match sprint.

It was pretty cold this morning, and we did a 20 lap warmup (86")with a bit of a sprint finish - with one to go Dino was on the front, at the 200m line he lifted the pace a little, and I came over the top to pip him by not very much!

Ok, warmed up, but still cold, I can't speak for Dino (except that he was very sluggish too) but my legs were not responsive at all. If he'd done any more than a gradual lift of pace I don't think I'd have been able to go with him.

Anyway ... Standing 1 lappers on 86.4".  I do mine first, it's a low 28 (307m track).  Dino goes slower than me (how? Trackstanding?), we rest a while, and go again, I do a high 28, Dino goes a bit faster than his previous time, but still slow(and still slower than me!).

Ok, that's the strength stuff 'done'.  Time for flying 200's - We bump up to 91.8". The sun comes out and it warms up a little. Nice. I think it warms Dino up quite well.

My run - 14.7! WTF?! Dreadful! Conditions are near-perfect now, no wind, sunny enough to drop the winter jacket and ride in a jersey.  Dino does a much faster, but still way below his PB, run. 

So we square off to finish the session with a match sprint, Dino's qualified fastest so he gets to choose, and I'm told to lead it out. 2 laps as per BSSS round format.  I keep lifting the pace to try and pull Dino down off the bank but he stays up and we circle faster ... I'm watching him and he jumps from a fair way back, at around 220m to go, I'm way too slow to react and he flies past me, gets 5 meters or so and that's how it stays all the way to the finish line.

That's it, we pack up and go home! I hope I can squat properly this afternoon, and lift at the Mermet tonight! My head hurts!


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