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Around, and around ...

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-01-15 01:48

DISC this morning, then the 'haus!

We decided to train at DISC this morning instead of Blackburn.  Partially because when the decision was made the forecast was for rain, but also because it would be good to get Emily doing some efforts there in preparation for the Vic titles this weekend.  We got there a little early (thanks Pat!) and had a good warmup. 

The track wasn't just ours, Paul Parker was there as well as a DeVers kid and another random.  No worries and we all shared nicely.  We did a couple of F100's each to get lines sorted, Camster did a couple of (very good!) pursuit efforts. We did some standing 500's, except Dale who dug into the suitcase of pain for a kilo effort, and a good one at that.  Finally Dino and I finished off with a match sprint on little gears.  Yes, he won, again!

All done by 11ish, and then home.  Time for my appointment with steel.  I hadn't done any weights since Saturday last week, as the skin damage from the MTB crash on Sunday wasn't condusive to good lifting.  The target today, 3 x 5 @ 160kg (352lb).  Got 'em! I don't know if my depth was very good, no video and no observer, but they sure felt hard! Then the phone rang and I ran out of time to do my cleans.  No hassles, I should get them done tonight.

Tomorrow, easy day, I might be able to squeeze in a swim in the morning if I'm lucky.  I'll be at DISC on Saturday coaching so won't be at Blackburn's regular races, which is a bummer, it's a Keirin round, but Em's a higher priority!

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