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Back into it

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-10-12 19:42

After a lazy first half of last week ...

It wasn't until mid last week that I started to feel even vaguely energetic, and my times on Thursday were rubbish as previously noted here, but I did have a half decent session at the Mermet on Thursday night, although I was only squatting 140kg, it still felt reasonably good.  On the w'end I did a set of standing 150's at BBN on Saturday and on Sunday did 5 x 5 @ 150kg squats and felt good through them.  We've been setting up a basic olympic lift platform in the Powerhaus so I can drop weights!  Heh!

An old friend of mine expressed a little bit of interest in having a go at the track sprinting stuff (he's a big, strong man, it may be something he's quite good at and would enjoy) - I'm hoping he'll get in touch with me to make a time to have a go on a track bike and see if he's keen to have a crack.

On Sunday morning at not-gentlemans-hours I took the motorbike out to Point Cook to motorpace some of the lads preparing for this year's Warny.  2 hours of motorpacing out to Little River and back with a hot northerly blowing - the lads did pretty well I think.

Today, as expected, tired legs from the squats and Saturday's S150's, but feeling ok - I'm going to go for a swim tonight and then do more weights and riding drills tomorrow.  I might snatch a few minutes on the rollers and do some high cadence stuff if I get time. The basic plan between rounds of the BSSS is :

  1. Recovery & strength
  2. Strength & power
  3. Power and speed-endurance
  4. Taper


So this is week two - strength & power, squats, standing starts in big gears and a few flying 200's or downhill sprints or motorpaced sprints for power, as well as clean pulls in the Powerhaus rather than deadlifts or lunges etc. The Blackburn Summer of Track program starts this Saturday which I'm kinda looking forward to - it'll be interesting to see how I go in track enduro stuff.  I'm tipping not very well!

Well done to Eddie Wilson who had a strong finish at the St Kilda crits on Sunday, hopefully Fast Eddie will be able to make it to a few rounds of the BSSS to keep The Wizard honest and challenge for the track F200 record. And of course a big 'Go well!' to the V-Train who's heading up to Sydney to defend his world masters pursuit title.  Go Stu!


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