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Back into it

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-05-18 19:36

After an easy week, it's time to start digging again

Last week was a dreadful one for training - As well as being just generally run down I had to do an all nighter with my real job on Thursday (which I will have to do again this week, Wednesday and Thursday nights), which meant I had no energy to train.  Power meter figures for last Tuesday's spin were way down and my attempts to lift heavy were feeble and I had to bail out on them.  Generally lethargic as well.  Still, this isn't a whinging blog, or at least I try and minimise it.  I think I just needed an easy week.  I did some lighter squats, sets of 150kg, which these days feel astonishingly easy, and a set of 160kg, but nothing heavier.  Felt pretty good at DISC on Sunday night too, so I think I'm coming good.

This week, I'm feeling much better.  An easy day yesterday, Lucie and I just went for a nice walk in a park.  Today I'm going to have a go at some 165kg squats again and see how they go.  If they work, 167.5 on Thursday (if I get enough sleep) and aiming for 170kg next week.  I'd also like to crack 1,500 watts again tonight at spin. 

I have a new trainer to evaluate, one of the new Cyclops JetFluids.  On first glance it seems that Saris have gone a bit silly, and some of the 'features' will turn out to be liabilities.  It's got a very odd wheel tensioning thing that has springs in it which I suspect will be a long-term liability.  Perhaps because of this it's got to be the only trainer I know of with a lifetime warranty for the frame, but less for the components.  Still, time will tell.  The trainer has a plastic shroud over most of the roller, which aparently is there to channel air from the flywheel's fan blades over the fluid unit to cool it.  I think Saris are making a mistake there, maybe Kurt Kinetic have a patent on their mechanism (magnetic coupling to the impellor so the fluid chamber has no need for seals for the drive shaft).  The older Saris fluid2's were famous for blowing drive shaft seals and leaking and air cooling is maybe supposed to address this, but by using more air cooling they're only addressing the symptom, not the cause.  The shroud also makes maintenace tricky.  My old fluid 2 is now quite a mess, the flywheel rattles and it's next to impossible to fix.  We'll see if the new one is any better.

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