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Further Edumucation

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-01-24 10:06

Seminars, courses .. oh my

I've been meaning to do a strength & conditioning course for some time now, but they've all clashed with things I needed to do... but I've committed (and spent the $'s!) to a Level 1 S&C course with the ASCA at the VIS gym on the 31st of May/1st June.  About bloody time I managed to commit to doing it ... anyway ... the weights should arrive tomorrow too, so we're almost all go for the sprinters lab at aboc HQ.  Can we turn Big Nath the Foxy Ox into the Ubersprinter?  Time will tell ...

And speaking of further education, there's a coaching seminar at DISC this Sunday evening, John Beasley's the guest speaker.  Should be good.

And .. there's talk of more structure at the masters track sessions (Sunday midday at DISC).  I haven't been to any of these recently (summer, and BBN's velodrome is free and local) but we're planning on doing these a lot over winter, so I'll keep you informed via this blog and the website in general as to how it pans out.  At the moment it's being discussed by Stu 'V-Train' Vaughan and Liz Randall.

We've had more people sign up for Hotham, there's only a few places left now, and round 4 of the TSSS is getting close too.

Vanders and Claire are back from Wildside in Tassie.  They had a great adventure, and Vanders at least is going back next year, better prepared and keen to do well.  I haven't heard from Claire yet, but I expect she'll be keen too.

Finally, the dinner, with Monique Hanley as the speaker at the new venue was a success, everyone who came along gave us good feedback, and the bigger venue certainly helped - as well as the licenced bar meaning that deciding who paid for what with drinks was very simple.  Monnas was an excellent speaker, and will be a hard one to follow, but I have a few ideas ...

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