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Tonnage for today

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-06-26 00:37

Today's lifting in the Power House

After a decent night's sleep (relatively) and a paltry 3km on the bike commuting to Cycle Science yesterday, today's weight session was good.  I managed to get reasonably good form on 5 x 5 squats at 140kg. Rightey-oh, I'm now pushing more with full squats than Anna Meares is.  In a way that's a bit of a mark, she's one of the best track sprinters, and while she's a girl, she's still faster than anyone I know who's riding today.  I think she'd give Big J a run for his money and also Fast Eddie and The Wizard.  For the benefit of those who haven't been reading this and also coming to the Bontrager Summer Sprint Series, Big J is Jeremy Mclay, Fast Eddie is Eddie Wilson and The Wizard is Barry Woods, who didn't race the sprint series last summer, but assures me he'll be there to mix it up this coming summer.

Tonnage for today, squats :

3,500kg (25 lifts of 140kg) not including warmup etc.

Leftover spag boll for lunch was yummy!  Go you molecules of protein'y goodness, build more strength such that I may ride faster!

I'm taking some guineapigs (people, not my oinkers in the garden) to the Mermet center tonight to do my first supervised strength coaching session with Peter Cayley.  I think I have it sussed out.


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