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Beating the heat?

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-01-28 18:35
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Or not ...

I got some pretty bad sunburn on Sunday last week when Lucie & I went kayaking at Aura Vale lake.  I was pretty dumb and didn't put sunscreen on my legs, normally not an issue, but my shins aren't generally in direct light, but sitting in a kayak back seat they were.  Funny burn lines from the wetsuit boots at least, but painful enough to stop any real training early this week. 

Today, Dino, Em, Pat and I were going to hit Blackburn at 7am instead of our usual 8am to try and beat the heat.  It was already 31 degrees at 7am though.  We did a couple of slow flying 200s and one revout behind Pats motorbike and called it a day.  Training in this heat isn't productive.

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