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An afternoon of riding round and round in circles ...

by Carl Brewer last modified 2010-04-07 20:07
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Another long arvo at DISC!

Yesterday was another long day at DISC.  Hilton and the VIS and NTID squad are all up in Sydney at a training camp so I had the responsibility to look after whoever did show up to train.  I got in to DISC at about 2:30 pm and we piggybacked onto the VIS/NTID timeslot and did some skills work and high intensity work with a couple of the lads who are gearing up for the Omnium this Saturday and for SSS round 6 on Sunday.  Handy!

At about 5:30 Lou Pascuzzi showed up and I warmed him up behind the motorbike, then Stu "V-Train" Vaughan appeared and some more of the CCCC enduros.  A reasonably small number of people, we had 4 enduros, Lou and Clint sprinting and Stu doing specific pursuit work.  I gave Stu the Hilton Sprint warmup, which is usually 50 laps, starting at 30km/h and ending at 60km/h, stepping up every 10 laps, the last 10 laps going from 42-60km/h gradually.

The night saw Lou and Clint doing 1 x 750m rolling start, 2 x 500m rolling start and 3 x 250m rollers (Clint did the last two out of the gate, practicing for the Omnium I think), the enduros did a couple of motorpaced endurance revouts (20 laps behind the bike as it gradually speeds up), 15 mins of 10:50 sprint/recovery and 2 keirens, Stu did a 12 lap cadence effort, an 8 lap cadence effort on a bigger gear and then 4 x 4 lap starts.

An easy night logistically with low numbers, Mick Cummings and I worked well together keeping it all flowing and everyone trained their hearts out. I did some 90km on the motorbike by the end of the night.  All done by a bit after 10pm (after Clint and V-Train got the hint!), home by 10:30ish for dinner!

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