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Training over summer redux

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-09-08 22:56

We're still thinking about summer ergo sessions ...

I had a good chat with Tom Leaper last night at Spin and was very happy and surprised  when he told me he found the sessions more useful than crits and would like to do some over summer.  This adds to the impetus to do some form of group ergo training over summer, once our regular winter Tuesday night spin sessions finish at the end of September.

Tom liked the idea of once a fortnight on Thursdays, he doesn't race at Sandown on Thursday nights so that would work for him.  Tuesdays will not be viable as many of you will be racing at Sandown with CCCC and the rest of us will be doing track work either at BBN or DISC on Tuesdays.  Thursday does present a problem for me, it's my long-standing 'boys night' with the lads, but it may be possible to do both, and just be late to the pizzafest.

So .... Thursdays once a fortnight at Blackburn from 7pm?  Maybe?  I'll need votes, so please let me know if this interests you.  Blackburn runs a novice track program on Thursdays but I think we could overlap with that with no issues, but I'll confirm at tonight's committee meeting.

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