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Fraught with peril ...

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-04-13 12:22

A busy, fraught day

Started out with Dad on the phone with family problems, then I ran over a toilet cistern in Lucie's car and had to stop and jack it up to free the thing! I can only guess someone's dropped if off a trailer or something and I didn't have time to miss it after it went under a big car.

Some time in the Power House, 3 x 6 @ 170kg partial squats, 1 x 8 @ 170 kg.  Next time I'm up to 175kg and I'll see what I can push out for 3-4 sets of 4-6 reps.  Maybe 180kg?  We'll see on Tuesday ... did a bit of bench and some other stuff, then got my stuff sorted for the first DISC session.  Along the way I had to have a look at Camster's PC which seems to have a faulty motherboard or CPU.  Bugger ...

Nath picks me up and we head in to DISC, 8 riders (9 if you include me) .. we got off to a late start as the previous session ran over time, a couple of riders had not ridden DISC before so while Big Jeremy lead the rest around I took our two newcomers around and they quickly got the hang of the bends and rolling turns.

The enduros all do well with the 5 min E3's, then we do standing 100's (thankyou Lisa for hanging around and timing us!), then we get the enduros to do half lap chases, but there's a slippery patch of track just near the 200m timing line and one comes down, not too hard, but it sets off a chain and another falls too, breaking a helmet!  We're one rider down, but everyone's ok and we get them going again.  Lost a bit of time but apart from a few frazzled nerves we're all alright.  Everyone's a bit slippy around the 200m timing line, maybe there's something funny there on the track.  That particular part has seen a lot of crashes in the last few weeks.  Might have a look at it or at least talk to CSV and see if they can check it out.

Then it's sprinters time to do flying 100's and even Big J is stuffed at the end of it (but .. still blazingly fast!).  We finish off with the enduros doing a take a lap GP.  Everyone scoots (thankyou Dino!) but I can't get the front door to lock.  After much too'ing and fro'ing and triple checking all the locks are shut I call the after hours council number and they come out to find out what's wrong. It seems that maybe the bowling club hasn't locked a door or something, as unless everything's locked the front door won't lock, but my access pass only does the cycling bit.  Hrm ... anyway ... by 8:30 Nath and I are on our way!  Nandos for dinner with Merv and Karen, then we drive back to Deep Suburbia, only to find that the freeway's one lane near Springvale Rd and it takes us ages to get to aboc HQ.  I find that the jerseys & knicks box is still outside on the porch where I'd left it (phew!). Nath scoots and it's time to get some rest, but the Paris-Roubaux is on .. so Vanders & I watch it.  A great win by Tom Boonen who looked like he won it at a canter.

What a day ...

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