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by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-11-17 03:55
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A crash! Doh!

After a morning tootle to The Basin to be the startline holder for the Dougherty Tour 1:20 stage with Bev, and then an express lap of the Death Valley stage on the motorbike, it was off to the BBN velodrone for some sprint training.  Dino, Emily and Mason Austen were the riders to come along, and it was Mason's first time on a velodrome (Mason, we have found your calling!).  After a few rolling turns and warmups, it was time for flying 200's.  A bit windy, so no times of any note, everyone did 2 unscathed, and everyone improved some aspect of their ride each time.

Then it was time for some practice match sprints.  Drawn first up, Dino vs me.  Dino has the lead.  Dino and I have very similar F200 times today, so it's going to be a tactical race.  No probs.   Dino keeps me under control for the first bit, I'm happy for him to lead me for the first lap, but I know with a bit over one to go I want to make him go early - there's a headwind up the back straight and I want a wheel to suck before coming past at the bottom corner.  So, coming off the bank I jump and start to come around Dino with the intent of making him react and then dropping in on his wheel into the headwind.  Next thing, I'm airborne.  I've pulled a pedal, and must have yanked the bars I think, anyway, a standing maximum acceleration interupted by a cleat disconnecting is no way to stay upright.  Bang, into the ground, head first and then rolling to my left (I can tell, that's where I hurt and I lost the skin!).  Lying in the grass checking for injuries, mostly ok, memory ok (yes, Howard is PM ... but hopefully not for much longer ...), collarbones ok, wrist sore (Tuff Keirin gloves ROCK!) but no skin off my palms despite hitting the ground palms first I think.  Ribs on left side .. not so good.  Not busted, but there's some bruising there, and a fair bit of debarking on my left knee, left elbow and left shoulder.  Bike report - back wheel needs truing and the bars, ground away ... will need new bars.  A little skin off my right knee, but only first layer stuff, no blood or plasma leaking there.  Clothes mostly ok, no tears.  Helmet, smashed to bits.  Apart from being a bit vague (that's normal?) no other concussion evidence.

So I've cleaned up, used some quarts to clean the grit out (yah, that stings .. and when you're treating yourself it's kinda special!), and then wrapped Mefix on the skin abrasions.  Coughing isn't much fun, but compared to Dino's busted ribs and lung puncture, it's nothing. I should HTFU!  No Glenvale for me tomorrow, I was planning on getting down there for my first crit for this summer, but instead I'll stay home, write training programs and feel sorry for myself instead! 

Thanks for the lift home, Dino and Mason, I owe you both a beer! Where's the codeine? .. I hurt!



Posted by gplama at 2007-11-17 15:21
Sounds nasty! Crebbin also pulled a pedal in the final road race sprint yesterday as he was trying to come around me. He kept it upright only by sitting on the top tube and coasting, not a luxury you have on a track bike! I lead him out all the way and I think he was surprised by my sprint - as he pulled right to pass his right foot came out. His jump was very late and I think I'd have taken it by a wheel or a throw if needed :)

New Rules!!!!!!

Posted by nathanlarkin at 2007-11-18 01:11
I propose a new rule to all match sprints for ABOC Riders and that's Dino Apolito and Carl Brewer are never to ride against each other given the current history. If they do ever meet each other in a final or heat at Club Champs i assume there will be an Ambulance waiting to take one or the other away for a weekend at Che Hospital.

Heal quick big fella we need you fit!!

I felt the earth move too..

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2007-11-18 03:41
Obviously I didn't see it happen as I was in front of you but I heard it and I felt it and I braced myself for the inevitable thinking you'd hit my back wheel for sure.

I heard what I am sure was your foot unclipping then a curse a thud and a moan. You hit the deck hard, that's for sure.

Bruised ribs and all the back pain that goes with it are not nice. I know what you're going through. Get well soon.

the fix ...

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2007-11-18 16:55
This won't happen again. I'm getting toe straps!

Are you sure?

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2007-11-18 19:22
Why not tighten the tension on the pedals/cleats to the max? It's not like you've done this heaps of times?

worn out ...

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2007-11-19 03:32
The irony is that I had a new set of cleats in my bag, ready to replace those ones (which are worn ...). It was basically bad maintenance on my part.
I've updated the road rash tip and also added to the aboc 1st aid kit since this prang!

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