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Racing is training

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-03-10 16:13

In many different ways

I used Saturday's Blackburn track racing as a training session, using the scratch race as a warmup, the handicap as a 500m effort and the mystery distance points race(!) as a single sprint effort.  I ended up winning the first sprint in the mystery distance race by accident.  I took off at the whistle and had half a lap on the field (everyone was quite content to let me go), then Doug blew the whistle for a mystery sprint, and I was still half a lap up!  I rolled over the line and took the three points.  Heh!  Then John Lewis and I rolled turns to finish the race together, lapped off the back, but finishing all the same.  Not a bad bit of fun for some training. It was great to have Steve Martin back racing again in A grade, he's always a very entertaining and exciting racer to watch.

Yesterday Lucie & I took the kayaks out to Aura Vale Lake again, she to practice some basic paddle strokes and I wanted to work on my roll. I used to play canoe polo many, many years ago and could roll reasonably well, but not having done it for almost 20 years it's taking time to get back into it being automatic, or for that matter, even reliable.  I might see if I can hook up with the lads at Canoes Plus at one of their pool sessions and get them to tell me what I'm doing wrong and fix it.

After our paddle around the lake, the Apolitos came over to the 'haus to do some training, as Em's getting close to the Aussies, we're focusing in the 'haus on power and on the bike with power and short distance endurance (35s efforts, jumps etc).  So it was squats to warm up, then hang-cleans and clean pulls.  Everyone set PB's except me, but I was backing off, I lift heavy on Tuesdays, and am hoping I feel up to heavy lifting tomorrow, at the moment, I'm a bit shaky, but 24 hours from now it should come good.

Tonight we have club teams training and we'll also find out the teams, I'm angling for lead rider in the masters team sprint, so I'll get to do one whole lap of DISC at the races.  One lap! Woo hoo!


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