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A pleasant Wednesday tootle

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-10-29 04:18

Hooked up with some aboc'ers and had a nice ride!

Wednesday's been a beautiful day, and after a week of next to no training I needed to get out on a bike in some way or other.  Knocked off work at 5:30 from the LBS, on the bike and met up with Bev, Dino, Em and Donna, and off we went for a nice 30km cruise.  All E1 stuff, just a really pleasant ride. I was tempted to roll in to watch the first of HCC's Kew crits for the summer, but I didn't want to do much more than about 30km today so I can get some quality work done tomorrow morning.

On the BSSS front, Trek sent me a box of goodies to use as extra prizes on Sunday. The forecast looks a bit iffy, but the BoM forecasts rain out of hope and desperation these days, more than any actual expectation of rain, I think ... We've got 19 riders so far pre-entered, which is great as long as the weather holds.

Yesterday morning was good fun, I had been contacted by a bloke who wanted to get a bit of his strength & conditioning qualifiations done, and he wanted a supervisor for a session.  We made a time (he's a PE teacher at Xavier, hold the jokes, every kid gets up to mostly harmless mischief on muckup day ... those kids just got unlucky by being caught out and a few took it a bit too far) and I trundled in to the Xavier gym - they have a very flash setup, indoor pool, indoor stadium for basketball, well set up all purpose gym ... That's a school with a few bucks to splash around.  Anyway, we went through a few exercises, had a good talk and ticked a few boxes on a form, it was pretty good fun and quite rewarding for both of us I think.  I hadn't been to Xavier since I was playing under 16's (or was it 14's?) rugby when we (Moorabbin) played Xavier's team once.  I remember their ground being quite narrow which made cover defence easy (I played No.8 as a junior, and in those days No.8 was a cover defensive role mainly), and that didn't look like it had changed, but the rest of the place was very swish indeed. The grounds were very green, Poowong footy club sort of green.  I'm sure they have a big tank.

Tomorrow, track in the morning, weights around midday, olympic lifts in the evening.  Bring it on!


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