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One World, Two Wheels

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-01-17 00:21

Trek US have dived into bike advocacy. What are we doing?

Trek US have just launched their One World Two Wheels advocacy campaign. It's kinda typical of the Yanks to call it World when it's just in the USA, but we'll forgive them their hubris, they're doing a Good Thing all the same.  Their catchcry is Go By Bike, and I'm all for it! I know Trek Australia are involved to a certain extent in the local cycling advocacy arena, I hope they up the ante on this and get more involved as well.

Dino and I had a good session this morning at the Blackburn velodrome, doing standing 150's in 96 and 98" gears.  Must. Get. Stronger.

The dinner is only 5 days away, I hope you're all coming!

On a lighter note, watch this!

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