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Enduro Race Prep

by craigvandervalk — last modified 2007-11-07 19:12
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Just more blogging...

So it turns out that my crankbolt was totally de-threaded, but easily replaceable. Thanks to the ABOC team mechanic again!

After a few weeks of even efforts (2x 1-in-20's on the roadie) I pushed a little more this morning and scored myself a 19:20 on a single effort. Considering my very haphazard training over the last few months I'm quite happy with that. Back to even efforts and volume over the next few weeks until the Kona 24.

Theortetically carbo-loading begins tomorrow but I don't think I'll hold back much today. Stretching today, tonight and tomorrow will be my biggest challenge. An easy spin commuting to work tomorrow in on the cards.

- lotsa drinks (carbo/electrolyte)
- lotsa race food and some "normal" food
- somewhere to sit or lie down

PS. Event info is here

PPS. My race buddy camo has just scored himself a dually the lucky bugger! Will be interesting to see how he travels in comparison to me in terms of endurance.

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