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Bit off more than I could chew

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-05-06 04:32

I tried for too much!

I'm still in the process of adapting my weight training and ergo and DISC sessions to suit my available time.  Fine-tuning etc.  Last night was a moderatly difficult ergo session at aboc Spin, I probably should have lifted light tonight instead of going for 5 x 5's at my max.  I got 3 sets out ok, the 4th I got 4 and the fifth set I bailed on the first squat!  Still a PB, last week I lifted 5 x 3 at 167.5kg, and tonight I got 3 x 5 and then 4 at the same weight, but not the planned 5 sets of 5.  I'm not displeased, but my legs are still trembling!

Em, Dino, Merv and I did some kettlebell work and some rope pullups and some pushups to round out the session.  I think tomorrow will be a nice, quiet day!

So, looking at the program for lifting.  I'm roughly an intermediate lifter now (been lifting seriously for a bit over a year and am up to a reasonably decent load).  One heavy low volume day, one back-off day and one heavy high volume day a week will work out I think.  I should have made today the back off day and just done sets of 155kg or something else as an unload.  I'll try for the 5 x 5 again on Saturday.  So the plan :

Tuesday : High Intensity Low Volume - HILV (and then spin session).  3 sets of 3 lifts - this is the new max lift day - If Sunday the previous week was successful, add 2.5kg to the lifts.

Thursday : Repeat Tues spin session.

Friday : Back Off lifts - drop 10%, do 5 x 5's - so at the moment,  that's 5 x 5 at 150kg.  That's easy, but prevents detraining.

Sunday : High intensity High Volume - HIHV (and DISC) - repeat Tuesday's HILV weight, but go for 5 x 5.

Monday - lie in bucket of own vomit and blow bubbles!

I'll see if that works for the next week or so.  Remembering the target is 170kg 5 x 5's by June. I'm almost at 167.5kg 5 x 5's now.  It should be possible without too much drama. I may need to shuffle around a little, use Wednesdays as the back off day (when I coach the sprint squad in the 'haus), do the HILV lifts on Monday and the HIHV on Saturday.  It'll be a bit flexible, but that's fine.  The ultimate aim is faster flying 200's and faster standing 250m laps, so the on the bike work is critical.  The weight training is to build muscle, the on the bike strength and power work is to teach these cranky old legs how to use that muscle.


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