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A dog's breakfast at DISC, and N+1 in 15 minutes

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-09-16 20:36
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Report from DISC training, and a new bike!

I had a lazy Saturday (bad case of CBF), where Vanders and I did a MTB ride through Westerfold Park down to Ivanhoe and back (~100 mins riding) at moderate intensity.  Averaged low E1 mostly, it was time for more sprint work at DISC on Sunday at the Masters session.

Rich and Dino came along, and there was quite a mix of people, most of whom (myself included) had their own agendas for the session - some more willing to fit in than others, alas.  We were a bit disorganised and Rich and Dino didn't get much of a ride in. I'm sorry, in particular, Rich, next time we'll get it better organised.  There was next to nothing for general enduro riders, as the pursuiters did their thing, and we slotted in sprints behind the motorbike.  It was a bit of a dogs breakfast.  John Lewis and I discussed it afterwards and some ideas floated was a time split between sprinters and enduros, as it's getting close to worlds the sprinters are wanting to do full recovery stuff (20 mins between efforts, roughly) maybe we can do 15 min enduro drills, and then let the sprinters have 15 mins (with 5 mins leeway) and share it up that way.  That might work.  Maybe we need a Hiltonesque coach to run the session to keep it moving and organised?  How well that would work with adults, I don't know.

I did get my stuff done, 5 big gear slow starts (strength training) for 150m chasing Leah Patterson.  Standing starts in 98.4" is quite eye-popping.  Then after I did some motorpacing for a few of the others, I did 5 flying 200's (again on 98.4") with around 15-20 mins recovery, the last two I started to grovel so I'd probably overdone it a bit for the day.  That's ok though, at the moment I'm only really playing at being a sprinter, I figure it'll take at least a year of more focussed sprint training before I can do any real high speeds, I'm not peaking for anything, so this is all groundwork for next summer ('08-09, not '07-'08).  My main focus this summer is the Blackburn track season (not the TSSS, I'm running that, so I can't race it as well).  I want to be able to give the Alans (Barnes and Dorin) a hard time and make them really earn their wins. It'd be nice to be able to exert some influence at Glenvale too and work for the boys in B grade there. We'll see... Once the BBN summer track season starts I'll stop racing at DISC, I don't think two races a week will work for me, I'd rather do more structured training than just race, race, race.  Therebe a path to burnout and stagnation.

Before we got started at DISC the Brunswick mob were finishing up their session with a coaching seminar, which I listened to a bit, quite well presented, I think.  Next time though, please put all your chairs back where they're not in the way! And to whoever re-wrote the whiteboard message asking cyclists not to use the bowlers chairs, maybe learn to spell Bowler (not boler, you dumb schmuck).

In the evening I had to go out to the Lilydale flying school and replace a broken tape drive in their server, but on the way we stopped in at Cycle Science (20 mins before closing time) and put my new tow-bike (Trek 7.2FX) together - from boxed to rideable in 15 minutes!  Not bad.  I'll still have to swap out the suspension seat post and put on the tow hitch, SPD-SL's and pannier rack,  but it's ready to ride now. Trek's are generally great to assemble, the wheels are true, the gears set and tensioned well, they're a delight to put together.  This bike will be hooked up to a trailer so I can tow my T1 to the BBN velodrome in summer with an esky and a bag full of bits. It's 5km each way, but quite hilly, so a triple will be handy, especially on the way home after a day's racing.  I'm looking forward to being able to race without depending on a car for transport.  Maybe next winter if I'm keen enough I'll use that rig to tow the T1 to DISC on Thursdays and Sundays?

Out at YLIL we watched Jono Merridew land an Archer in a gusty 35kn+ crosswind. Some landing .. that boy can fly. YLIL is a 180/0 runway, and the wind was almost all coming in at 270 degrees (straight westerly).  I think Archers are rated at a 17kn crosswind?  Jono made it look like a gentle 5kn headwind landing. The tape drive needs a different cable, so I knocked up a quick(ish) tarball of their server and copied it onto their firewall so at least they have a backup, and will sort out the rest of it this week before I scoot to Skider-knee to Trekworld.

Nath, Rob M and Bev (and a few others?) went out and did the Fruitloop ride on Sunday, out at Shepparton, that would have been uber-windy. No reports back from them yet.  I hope they're all still alive!



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