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Deakin training starts tomorrow

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-06-01 06:23

Our first lot of training sessions for the Deakin CC start tomorrow morning

As I've mentioned before, aboc has been asked to, and is, providing a set of 10 one-hour training sessions at Blackburn for the Deakin Uni Cycling Club.  We're also sponsoring them a little, aboc IT Consulting is hosting their web site.  The forecast is ok ... it might be cold but probably dry.

The BoM says :

Forecast for Tuesday

Cloudy. Dry for much of the day although a lttle patchy rain at times. Light northeast to southeast winds.

City Cloudy, mainly dry.
Min 9
Max 16

So it'll be cold for the first one tomorrow morning, at 8am.

Before then, tonight I'm doing a plone training course, from 1am to 5am and then have to be at Blackburn at 7 to take a new lad through the basics of riding fixed on a track.  Not much sleep tonight and I think I'll need a very easy day tomorrow before the spin session.  I've had some news from the Apolito branch of the aboc Sprint Squad.  The hotel they're in in the US (California) has a gym and some excercise bikes.  I'm expecting to hear that Emily has broken at least one by the end of the week!
Speaking of spin, Lucie and I have cooked another big bolla for dinner and it tastes pretty good.  Bring your appetite if you're coming.
DISC - as it's the long weekend this weekend, we're considering not running a session at DISC this Sunday.  Will confirm with Nathan tomorrow night and put a note up on the website and do a bit of a ring around to let everyone know. So, who has Julian, Carmel and Jonathon's contact details?!

Speaking of DISC, last Sunday's session went well.  Despite the Apolito's being absent and Mason and Jason being under the weather, we had a turnout of 7 (9 if you include the coaches, myself and Nathan).  The enduros all left pretty-well shattered, the drill where we pace them behind the motorbike and then they have to attack off the front is a toaster, that's for sure.  It was popular, if brutally hard.  With Em and Dino away the sprint squad got to do 4 x 1/2 lap jumps in pairs, 2 seated and two with out of the saddle starts and we finished with 2 baby keirins.  4 laps at 40km/h behind the bike and then 1 and a half laps to race.  We were all on little gears, 86" or so which made it interesting and a real tax on leg speed. I was pretty happy with how I went, I've not been feeling all that well (swine 'flu jokes, bring 'em on!) but I managed to hit the bunch pretty hard in the baby keirins and get 55km/h on the small gear from not much of a leadout.  Certainly not unhappy with that effort.

The Vic masters time trial series got underway on the weekend as well, and both Martin Lama, who many aboc'ers know well and Shane 'The Llama' Miller won their grades (B and A respectively).  I'm not sure how Martin managed to get into B grade, but it won't be for long!  Great effort, lads.  The turnout at the event was pretty healthy despite the 450km driving to do a 20km time trial.  It shows that there's a definate market for time trialing.  I'd like to think that Blackburn has had something to do with it, as we've been pushing the ITT thing for a few years now at the Boule' and it's growing.  A lot of early promotional work was done by Nick Bird last year which really brought about a critical mass of riders who knew about the event and gave it a go, and it goes to show that if you build it, and you PUBLICISE IT! they will come ... I ran out of time to do the promo cards for the Australia Day Madison for tomorrow night's Brunswick Madison No.2 but hopefully they'll run another and we'll get something for that in time.

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