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Running around ...

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-05-09 03:50

Lucie and I spent the morning looking for an embroidery place that was open for a new logo

I've done a new logo, sort of, for our sprinters.  Here it is aboc sprint squad logo

We're going to get it on the sprinters kit.  Lucie and I spent the morning trying to find a local embroidery place that was open and had a clue.  No luck! Next week ...

This arvo some of the Sprint Squad were over in the 'Haus for training and Nath rolled over to video his bike fit to finish off his Level 1 coaching ticket.  Then Alex and I went out on the MTB's for a bit of an explore of some singletrack he'd found around Mullum Mullum.  We had a bit of fun in the dirt, so not a bad day at all, despite the morning's frustration with all the embroidery places either being closed or useless.



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