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Sunday Sprint changes

by Carl Brewer last modified 2010-08-04 19:55

More time!

I posted this to the aboc mailing list, but some of you aren't on it who come to DISC on Sundays, so here it is again.  My apologies if you've now seen this twice :

A heads up for the sprinters who come to our Sunday DISC sessions.  We've made a change to the session's structure.

Sprint now starts at 4:20pm with a 20 minute roller/ergo warmup and the first effort on track is at 5pm SHARP.  Yes, that's DURING the enduro warm up so sprinters will be sharing the track.  The drills are chosen so that's possible (no K1's in the first block!) and the sprinters will have to do these efforts above the blue and safely overtake the enduros while they warm up.  No buzzing the less confident enduros will be tolerated!

Sprint now gets three blocks of efforts instead of two.  I consulted many of you over the last few weeks to see if this was workable and the consensus was yes.  If you can't get there for a 4:20 start the session will still work for you starting at 5, you just do the enduro warm up and miss the first sprint block.

Sunday's program is, as always, here :

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