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A good Sunday Sesh

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-09-14 20:27

weights and then DISC, and it's all good

I started Sunday with a weights session, this time up to 5 x 5 @ 147.5kg squats, and some bench for balance (3 x 5 @ 102.5kg), then Alex picked me up and we tootled in to DISC for the evening training session.

I took the new wheel (a disk at DISC!) and slapped a 15 tooth sprocket on it, warmed up on the normal wheels (86.something inches) then swapped in the disk for the last bit of the warmup, where we have a baby scratch race.  I took off early knowing Dino was locked onto my wheel, at about 6 or so to go hoping that we'd get a gap and he'd have to work with me and I'd be able to set up the last lap, but Craig caught us and then surged off the front after my initial attack, with Karen in tow.  I had no choice but to bridge, I could feel Dino's grin as I pulled him up to a fading Craig, as Craig swung up with 2 to go I dived into the gap between him and Karen, but Dino was alert and must have been riding the virtual tandem by then, and although I backed off a little and then kicked again with 150m to go it wasn't enough and he got over the top to take the win by half a wheel - perfect timing by Dino and great race sense. I hit HRmax ... That's intense enough!

We then did a points race for the enduros, and then sprinters did match sprints - I was matched with Craig, who's normally an enduro pursuiter, but we're working on his sprinting as well, and we did a very slow first lap, but with about 300 to go Craig jumped from up the bank a bit and got a 20m gap on me, I had to burn every match I had to catch him, but it was enough and I got over by a few cm and HRmax again ... that hurt!

Then the enduros did motorpaced laps, and the sprinters standing 250's, before the usual 'take a lap grand prix' finish.

A very good session, I think everyone enjoyed it and got a good quality, high intensity hit out from it as we get closer to the summer track racing season.

Congrats to Shane 'teh Llama' Miller for winning the Hawthorn club champs and also to Camster for getting second in his masters division at the same club champs. All these old men! Heh!


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