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60 again, need more RPM!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-02-18 21:55
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This morning's motorpaced sprint session was good

Short & sharp.  Just three of us today, myself, Dino and Pat.  Pat & Dino doing enduro stuff, I get the lazy option, 3 x F200's behind the bike while they do 20 lap rampups and a 20 lap simulated points race. 

I stuck in 86.4" for the morning, it was windy (very!) and I'm still quite drained from Saturday's Hotham slog, and while I'm building up in the gym, I need to keep my spin (or, get a spin!).  The first run at 55 felt good, I came past the bike with no real problems. Second run, we're at 59km/h for the last 100m and I came off the wheel at the evil fast food sign, didn't come over the bike, but didn't lose any ground either.  Ok .. run 3, 60km/h please Pat.  No worries.  148rpm again.  That'll do for today.  Off to the Power House to build muscles!

To Llama and Hippy, yes we need power meters on our track bikes! I'm saving up for one ...

Update: I need more 20kg olympic plates!  Squats require the movement of a lot of weight ... more than I bought, it seems ... that's good! 

hippy says

Posted by hippy at 2008-03-16 16:45
Could all the weight work you seem to be doing be hampering your leg speed?

What sort of power meter will you use for the track?

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