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Winter sprint invitational?

by Carl Brewer last modified 2010-06-01 21:25

We might run a winter sprint round

My sprinters are getting restless, and I can't say I blame them.  Although there's an NTID sprint camp in July some of them have forgotten about and not everyone gets to go to that, so their motivation (especially the younger ones) drops off when their main races are not until late next summer.

So I'm thinking we might run an invitational sprint round of the SSS over winter, call it the IaWSR! (I'm a wuss racer?) - anyway ... I may be able to grab one of Blackburn's dormant Friday nights.  This won't be like the summer series, although the structure would be the same (F200, grading, round robins and then finals) we'd make it invite-only and really only for pure sprinters (ie: if you're racing road etc, this is not for you, this is for the specialists who are wanting some racing over winter), with a minimum qualifying time, at the moment I'm thinking a 13.5s F200 at DISC, but that number might change.  We want J17's to be able to race it, J17 for next summer, that is.

I'll need buy-in from Blackburn, and from Sue (we need her commissaire skills) and also the NTID (ie: Hilton, I'm not at the reigns full-time, he has to make the call on the NTID's involvement), but at the moment some possible dates are Friday the 9th of July or Friday the 6th of August.

pure sprinters

Posted by Neil Robinson at 2010-06-02 19:30
So I can meet that qualifying time, how do I go about meeting the "pure sprinters" criteria?


Posted by Carl Brewer at 2010-06-02 21:11
I have to draft up a selection policy for this. I'm working on it here :

It's easy Neil

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2010-06-03 16:26
Anyone who has beaten me is not invited.

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