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Eildon Junior Tour

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-06-16 00:38

We're helping at the EJT

I've spent a bit of time knocking up a website for the Eildon Junior Tour.  It's a basic Plone site, no frills, content is king ... Anyway ... After a relaxing and totally bike-free few days at Bonnie Doon, it's back to the millstone today.  The plan is a set of medium weights in the 'haus at about 4pm, then spin like a loon in the sprinters stream at Spin tonight.  Tomorrow, if my legs are ok from today, lift heavy - I've done a couple of sets of 3 reps at 170kg squats now, it's time to up the volume and go for 5's before I bump the weight up.  The 3's felt reasonably easy last week which is a good sign.

Nathan ran DISC on Sunday for me, it'll be good to hear how that went from him and some of the others who went along.  It'll be back to me running it this Sunday though, so no rest for the keen.

News from the Apolitos is that they've got a nice view in some village in France.  Very nice ... No bikes yet though. 


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