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61 ... a little faster ...

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-02-25 21:42
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slightly faster this morning

It's February, it should be hot!  But it was cold this morning - I trained in a windproof jacket and rode the motorbike in fleece and windproofs.  *brrrr*

No wind though, and dry and no broken glass or other junk on the Blackburn velodrome.  Perfect conditions for motorpacing. I rode to the track on the trusty P1 madone, then rode Pat's motorbike for Dino and his warmup (20 lap ramp, 35-50km/h).  Then my first F200 ... 56km/h and it felt really easy.  Too easy.

Next Dino & Pat did a 20 lap ramp from 35-55km/h.  Dino blew off the back at 5 to go (2nd wheel for this effort is harder than on the wheel of the motorbike) so when Pat was done we did another 5'er for him, 40-55km/h and he did it well.

Then my second F200 ... 60km/h, I think we got it.  Felt good.

Then Dino & Pat had a 20 lap sprint every 5 motorpace.  They took off at the last one really quick.

My 3rd F200, 60km/h again, but I hesitated at the drop down the bank and lost the wheel of the motorbike and probably only managed 58 or so.

Dino & Pat then had a 5 lap alternating ramp up (3 each) - each one did 5 laps from 40-55km/h then swapped over and rested - Dino loved this one and wanted to do another!

My last F200, faster than 60km/h please Pat ... we got at least 61 down the back straight and then I came out of the draft at the evil sign, and held beside the bike for ~80m or so at 61km/h.  Good!  Knackered .. but good.  86.4" gear again. 151rpm.  Good.  I'm happy with that.  Strength tonight in the Power House.

I'm looking forward to getting on to DISC and seeing what I can do there.



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