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What do you know of the crunch?

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-12-23 04:17


Today, this morning and we're at DISC, myself, Dino, Em, Pat and John and we have a productive little gear (I rode 79.3") match sprint tactical hitout.  Plenty of high revving and good training as well as good practice.

Tonight, the powerhaus, and I squat 4 x 5 @ 157.5kg, and feel ok. They're pretty hard, but I manage the 4 sets without incident.  That's good.  Benchpress time, and I'm up to 102.5kg, the target is 3 x 5 reps with some armcurls between for interest.  The first two sets go well, but the third, I've done rep 3 and just start rep 4 when I feel a crackly crunch somewhere in my left arm or shoulder.  Instant fail of the rep (power racks are good!).  I wriggle out from under the bar, lift it back up onto the pegs and try again, same thing.  Ok ... that's it for the session - I'll skip the planned deadlifts and call it a day.  Left fingers are a little numb and my arm and shoulder, while not restricted in movement, feels weak and there's a dull ache around my shoulder somewhere indistinct.  Will see how it is tomorrow I guess.  I might sneak in a swim on xmas eve in the morning before working at the LBS if I have the chance and that'll tell me if it's just a strain or something slower to heal.  Benchpress isn't an exercise that contributes much to sprinting so I'm not overly worried, I can swap in some other upper body stuff that doesn't irritate this injury if necessary.

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