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Roast Sprinter!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-03-17 18:17
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Hot, damn hot ...

27 degrees overnight (it's March! and as Dino pointed out, it's not early March ...).  Not much sleep.  6:30am, alarm, gak.  Feel flat, tired, legs heavy.  Consider skipping training .. No.  Must .Train.

Pack gear into backpack, grab drinks from fridge, ride to BBN velodrome. Passed enroute by a commuter with panniers etc.  Ok, slow!  Gusty northerly, hot and dry.  A malevolent sort of a day.

Take ages getting bike sorted.  Finally get gears changed, wheels on, tires inflated.  Hop on Pat's motorbike, pace Dino & Pat for a 15 lap warmup - 35-50km/h.  Pat comes over the top with 200 to go.  Good.

Dino gives Pat a present for helping us over the season with our weekly motorpace sessions.

Time for my first effort.  55km/h please, feeling weak and lethargic.  Do the 2 lap windup, then Pat drops me into the lane at 55, and oddly I feel strong, and come past the motorbike.  Ok, that wasn't expected ...

Pace Pat again, then Dino does a leadout F200 (towed behind the bike for the windup, then unassisted for the F200).  60km/h we think he hits.  Dino!  On FIRE!

My turn, 60 behind the bike and it feels easy.  No complaints.  Knee feeling ok. 

Pat again, a 10 lap motorpace.  The wind is making it very hard, and it's so hot ...

My last run, 62 please Pat, and I get it, the bike gaps me as we drop into the lane, but I hold the distance (~3m) for the run.  That's ok ... I'm happy with that.  153rpm under load (51:16, 86.4").  That'll do.

Dinos' last run, he gets 58 unassisted into a huge gust as he comes around the bend (the wind blew our bikes around and gloves and helmets went flying).  Dino, you've got to be happy with that.  We talk about the TSSS and how he's a chance for the series prize.  Will Barry Woods come down and challenge Fast Eddie and Big J?

Pat & Dino roll around for a cooldown, I sit down for mine.  Will do my weight training once the change comes through tonight, the powerhouse is a sauna at the moment.  It can wait.  Cadge a lift home with Dino (aircondioned car, luxury!), the BoM reports it's the hottest night on record for March.  Some relief is due today, but little chance of rain.


Can we start the season again?

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2008-03-17 18:39
Yes, "on fire" was a good description for this morning.

I'm feeling very fast at the moment at least for short periods of time. And I have a bit more endurance than earlier in the season but oh how I wish I was at this point in October/November.

hippy says

Posted by hippy at 2008-03-22 05:56
Jealous! I just left the house and was immediately covered in sleet (icey, snowy kinda stuff).
Give us your hot weather pleeeease!!!

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