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End of spin!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-09-30 01:51
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It's with some sadness that we wound up Spin for 2009

Thankyou to everyone that was a part of our Spin Sessions this last winter.  In particular I need to thank Bev Vennix for all her help with transport and cleaning up, Karen and Merv for help with setting everything up and also cleaning and Lucie for helping me to make the UberBolla, which kept getting bigger and hotter as we got more and more people coming.

Nathan Larkin did a great job running at first the warmup and as he got more comfortable, more of the sessions themselves which meant I could concentrate on the second sprint group and make sure Em, Jamie and Merv got their dose of hurt.

Along the way Jamie Dann, Em, Dino and Merv also helped dish out the lollies and refill bidons, stir the bolla and generally help out with the roll and collecting the cash. The new DUCCs were noisy and enthusiastic, but guys, get fluid trainers for next winter, those wind trainers are LOUD!  The group's most satisfying thing, to me at least, is having Tom Leaper training with us, riding next to novices and people who will never race a bike.  That says that we have a program that's suited to a very wide range of abilities and desires and a great bunch of people.

I count this winter's Spin as an overwhelming success.  Our record attendance was 31 riders and if we got less than 25 we were surprised.  We were part of some riding successes, many of you who came won races, made state teams and moved up grades and our program contributed to your success.  Without everyone coming along the sessions would have been a flop, thank you to everyone that came along to share the suffering.

We'll be back next year, same format, same price, same place, same time.  For summer, we have our fortnightly 'Summer Spin Sessions" which will be on Thursday evenings from 7:15-8:30pm, shorter and sharper but still ending in a meal.  For dates etc see this website.

Thank you again for being part of it.



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