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Round 3 this Sunday

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-12-04 20:49

Round 3 of the Bontrager Summer Sprint Series is very soon

I have the usual organiser's anxiety - will anyone show up to race?  Will the weather be kind or cruel?  We're down on some of the regulars due to family commitments, illness and the GVBR (!) which doesn't help.  But, we'll see, there's not much more I can do now to attract more people.  Adam King at Carnegie has again posted a news item for us. CCCC's website is the place to put things to be seen, BBN's is, by comparison, moribund at best.

Our second go at Brad Robins' sessions at the Blackburn velodrome on Tuesday evening was shortened by rain such that the sprinters only got two efforts for the night.  They were reasonable quality, motorpaced up to high speed in little gears then 200m, but only two of them.  I'm not sure that these sessions are a good use of our time, almost 3 hours for very few efforts which could be done in 2 or less hours and still allow for full recovery.  Still, we'll stick it out for another week or so before making any decisions. It's hard to run that sort of thing when you have a mix of enduro and sprint riders and the enduros are working on time-consuming stuff, I don't envy Brad, I do the same sort of thing over winter at DISC, where we have the luxury of not having to worry about weather interuptions or bad light etc.

This week, training wise has been a peaking week.  I did heavy squats on Tuesday (3 x 5 @ 155kg, new PB, 2,325kg volume), then some clean pulls, then Brad's rain-shortened session.  Wednesday was a cruisy E1 ride with 3 seated big gear hillsprints mixed in, Thursday morning Dino, Pat and I chased the motorbike then did 400m sprints once up to speed on tiny gears 3 times each.  I was doing ~53km/h on 79" ... which is about 140rpm.  We can and do do HCLR's at around 190-200rpm, but it's very different when you're having to put out a lot of power at the same time.  Thursday evening and we're (myself, Em and Krissy) all in at the Mermet doing squats and some olympic lifts.  Today, lazy day .. nothing!  Tomorrow a 'show up, pay my $10 and come last in everything' day at the regular Blackburn Summer of Track races, and Sunday ... round 3!


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