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Blown a gasket!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-06-29 00:37

Last week, too much ...

Too much strength training!  Or at least, not enough recovery.  Tuesday, squat heavy and then 30s sprint efforts at Spin.  Managed to crack over 1400 watts with ~45 mins recovery after the heavy squats - not bad considering.  Wednesday, um?  Can't remember!  Did something though ... Thursday, work all day at the LBS.  Quiet night in at home.  Friday, heavy squats, high volume (3 x 5 @ 172.5kg - very hard, for me anyway ...).  Saturday .. MISTAKE!  go for 4 hour MTB ride with Rich.  Too much.  I should have kept it to an hour or two.  4 hours was too much, especially after the heavy squats on Friday.  Got home with baked legs.  Had baked legs for an hour prior to then.  Not good!  This is going to break my training on Sunday ...

Too keen on Sunday in the 'Haus, trying to prove a point about doing Hard Stuff and not being a whimp ... Squat light-ish (3 x 3 @ 160kg) then a set of deadlifts motivated by sheer bloody mindedness, not sense - 1 x 5 @ 155kg.  Oh.  Um .. Now I have to sprint at DISC?  On these?  Errr.... Ok.... Warmup didn't feel too good.  Legs very soggy, not answering the question at the surge at the end of the warmup at all.  Our efforts were to be two by flying 100's then some short keirins.  Did one awful (AWFUL!) flying 100, the time was ok-ish, 6.8 or something, so a high 13 (I've done far worse, after all ...) but I really want to be consistantly under 6.5s at the moment, no chance when using legs that wouldn't move a small rodent, let alone push 98".  Climbing the bank felt like turning left at Winch Corner at Baw Baw.  No chance I was getting out of the saddle with any quality at all.  I pulled the pin for the night and just coached the troops for the remainder of the evening with Nathan.  Next week ... And Nath, remind me not to do stupid long rides on the day before a training session!  Ich Bin eine Bloody Idiot!

The Apolito's are home this week.  They're going to be keen to get their teeth into training.  We also have a new drill to break the A stream at Spin.  If you're curius, google for "Tabata protocol".  Oh yeah ...

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