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Another huge night at Spin

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-07-14 21:49

Despite a few regulars being unable to make it ...

Last night's Spin session had another big turnout, 23 brave souls attended and we missed a few regulars who couldn't make it.  The sprinters had a strength and power set to do, and the enduros had the usual mixed bag of intervals.  The A stream had their first crack at Tabata intervals.  They only had to do one half-Tabata (2 minutes) but that did enough to result in a few suggesting that they needed a rest afterwards - and they do! 

They'll be doing 3/4 Tabatas next week and the week after, full 4 minute Tabatas, but as we incorporate more of that stratospheric intensity stuff we'll have to reduce the volume, so the A stream will be finishing early when we do that stuff, it's simply too hard to recover from and get any sort of quality out of the remaining time.

As usual Nathan did a great job taking the warmup while I did the sprint stream, banging elbows with Dino, and then we switched over so he got some enduro work in while I took over the megaphone for the rest of the evening.  We finished with the traditional spag boll and Nath's wife had made us a bunch of very yummy chocolate brownies which were rapidly vaporized by the hungry riders. 

Tonight some of the Sprint Squad are heading over to the powerHaus for more strength work and this morning we had the DUCCs at the Blackburn velodrome doing race skills. It's all go at aboc HQ this week!

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