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Fighting the Demons of DISC

by Dino Apolito last modified 2007-08-06 03:01
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The body has healed but the mind hasn't

I bounced back remarkably well for an old fart after my crash the other week. Sure I was sore for a few days but I still put in a solid week's training and managed a three hour ride with Bev and Carl on Saturday.

Then on Sunday I returned to the location of my Waterloo and did the masters training at DISC. Let me tell you I was s#!t scared. I was almost trembling with anxiety/fear from the moment I got on the track. My legs felt like jelly. I couldn't hold a wheel. I couldn't wait to get off. I hoped and prayed we wouldn't be doing any "up high" stuff and sure enough I never once went above the blue line. In the 30 lap warm up and the 40 lap "take a lap" race I gave everyone a wide berth leaving enough space around me to drive a Mack truck through.

So the body may have healed but the mind hasn't been exorcised of the crash demons.

I'm worried about Thursday night....

Didn't we win at Waterloo?

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2007-08-06 03:40
You're not Napoleon! (I think? Please tell me you're not Napoleon!)

On a more serious note...

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2007-08-08 23:51
Please keep everyone here updated on how you go with this - how you beat this setback will be beneficial to other riders who have to go through it sometimes. Everyone's different in how they get back on the horse and how they go with with, your experience will be valuable.

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