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by Carl Brewer last modified 2011-01-23 17:06

Watching for three laps

Rider one leads by 2-3 bike lengths riding on the blue line at a safe speed, rider two follows, for the first lap about 1 metre above rider one, for the second lap about 1 metre below rider one and for the third lap rider two moves to try and escape from rider one's view.  Speed is constant at ~30-35km/h and separation at 2-3 bike lengths.

This drill teaches the lead rider to watch the following rider over the left and right shoulder and to predict movement.  Advanced variations include the lead rider looking through their legs or under their arms instead of over the shoulder. The following rider attempts to confuse the lead rider during lap three by moving sharply up and down and making dummy moves, but maintaining separation.  Further advanced variations include the following rider initiating an attack during lap three and the lead rider responding to the jump, and the lead rider moving on the track.  Variaions on this drill are many, use your imagination!

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