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by Carl Brewer last modified 2010-06-26 22:56

The motorbike double jump

The motorbike double jump is a drill designed to develop acceleration from a medium speed (~35km/h) start at around 85rpm and to develop a second jump after a brief recovery. Used mainly in leadups to race periods.

1 The rider follows a motorcycle on the blue line at around 35km/h, at some point around 30 meters before the finish line the motorcycle accelerates hard up to ~65km/h with no warning, the rider has to react and chase the motorcycle, both staying on the blue line.
The rider catches the motorcycle at around the entry to the bottom bank (~150m mark).  The motorcycle should allow this to happen by slowing a little if necessary.  The rider then drafts the motorcycle recovering for about half a lap at high speed (60km/h+) staying on the blue line
As the motorcycle enters the top bend, at about 30m before the 200m line the rider dives under the motorcycle into the sprinters lane and sprints to the finish line.  Typically this is the only part of the drill which would be timed (200 to finish line).


Typical PowerTap graph for this effort (16y/o junior male on 92" gear) :




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