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PG calibration effort

by Carl Brewer last modified 2011-02-15 01:14

A track sprint drill to calibrate your ergo and you for sprint drills We changed the name of this from HC (High Cadence) to PG (Power Gear) to make it clearer in our ergo programs in April 2011

This drill is one way to determine appropriate gearing for calibrating your ergo to your current strength levels for structured ergo training.

We use a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine fluid ergo but this test will work well with most good quality fluid trainers with a heavy flywheel.

Warm up for 5-10 minutes or use your normal ergo session warmup. Do a couple of high cadence, low resistance short intervals to get your legs moving well.

in a low gear, say 60", from 80 rpm accelerate as hard as you can for 8 seconds.  Record your finishing cadence.  Rest for three minutes.  If you got to 160rpm or more, increase the gear by a few inches.  Repeat the effort until you can no longer hit 160rpm.  Usually this is around 145-150rpm.  Record the gear you used that you could not quite get to 160rpm on.  That's your "PG" or power gear that we will use for some ergo drills.

Here's a sample using a Kurt Kinetic road machine with a Powertap :

hc calibration effort sample power meter data


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