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Fathers Day DISC Session

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Please read!!!!!

Hey there aboc'ers.

Could you please let either myself or Carl know if you will be or won't be attending the DISC training Session on Sunday 9th September. I know this is Fathers Day and would like to guage the number of riders that will attend to see if it is worth running.


Nathan Larkin


I have been ordered off the Velo for a small time!!

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But look out in August....... I will be screaming.......

I have suffered from the Colds and Flu and work in "Piggy" central, and alas I have sufered a bit of a head cold and can't seem to shake the tail of it away. I have trained, and trained, but seem to have taken a step back.... But just a small one. In a matter of 2 weeks of being sick, I have managed to lose about 4 weeks of fitness, and that really shits me (sorry for the language)..  But it really does.

I struggle at the moment with efforts, and find myself in a lather of sweat only just over 15 min on the Ergo. So now I need to make a decission, either dig a deeper hole, our take it easier and get back to basics for a couple of weeks............ So I have chosen the later and decided to take a step back and gone back to the start, considering I have plenty of time (remember I am aiming for December).

So back to BASE for a little while..........


Back from a Sickness

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But keeping as fit as possable...

Like Carl i have had a vit of a head cold as of late (no we hav'nt been kissing....... No really) and have been a little flat. I took a week off racing and headed out to the Velo last night just to do one race and head home. I started to warn up and realized there was no way in hell i sould be there. After a mear 3-4 laps i was gasping for breath and need to stop and take a drink.... "Still not ready" was about the only thing i could think, but i will give the first race a crack anyway. I found a few good wheels, didn'y get knocked off (not from the lack of trying form the other riders) and managed to get to the bell before pulling out of the race..... I was trashed and a pool of sweat, so i know that next week will be a little easier.

I brought out some new Bike Bling to show off a little..... I like new toys, but this one has a purpose. I have found it really hard to get my position right, but with the ergostem everything is very easy. With the exchange rate at the moment, they are still pretty $$$$$, but a real investment if you want something to help.


Training and Racing....

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I seem to be getting faster??

Last Thursday night at DISC saw me get some very good results, and show that my training is going in the right direction. I managed a 4th in the Scratch and 2nd in the Motorpace. We don't talk about the Points as my whole goal there is not to get lapped.

Seeing me get closer and ever so closer to the pointy end of the fields in these races fills me with confidence that when we get to X-Mass, i will be going as quick as possable. The only thing i am looking at really doing this year is the X-Mass Handicaps and maybe even the Austral or Melbourne Cup on Wheeels.

These are old races steeped in history, and i am gonna tray and get my name in there somewhere..........................


DISC racing

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When you need to try and get faster, Thursday Motor Pace will break your legs off.

Well Thursday Night at DISC is not only getting faster, but harder to go up in grades as well. I have been riding really well and holding my own in most fields of riders. I have ducking between C and D grade depending on the fileds and riders. I have managed to stay in D the last couple of weeks, keeping out of trouble and near the pointy end of the field. 

Last week i took a hard fought win in the Motorpace, but this week is a completely diferent story.

I rode well, and kept pace by following wheels and getting in my steady rythum. I seem to have found a gear that really agrees with my style of riding. The  races were fast and i managed to get into the first 6 or 7 in the Scratch and won the last sprint in the Points. The Motorpace was unbeliveably fast and i only lasted to the last 3 laps and had to pull out.

The good from the night was not just how well i rode, but how i felt riding all the events. I have never thought i could complete all events with not as much as a heavy pant and now think i need to put a bit more tactical presence in so i can take a few more points and win more races.

Next weeks mission; top 4 in Scratch; more than 5 Points; WIN THE MOTORPACE.... 


Saturday Group Ride....

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Yes 2 is more than 1 so that's a group....

Well on a Cold Windy Saturday morning, I would like to thank Bev for joining me on the first aboc Group Ride.

We headed out at 9ish into something that could only be described as dreadfull weather, but had a great little time of it all. We managed to knock out Glen Waverley to Mordialloc and back in a respectable hour and change. Once I take out my travel to and from Glen Waverley, we looked to do around 40K.

I am gonna be kinda busy over the next couple of weeks so it is going to be hard to keep it up. But as soon as my scedual frees up, i will post when the next will run.

But if anyone wants to get a ride in, I would love to see a few in Preston for a trip back next Saturday Afternoon at around 4pm..... More details later..

DISC Thursday Night

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Remember 70's disco "Ohhhhhh what a nigt"....

Well I was thanked at the end of the evening of racing for "one of the loadest and most exciting D Grade races".

I started out in C Grade, but there seemed to be something different about the grade. They were absolutely Stomping and it was some of the fastest racing I have seen in a long time. I was asked if I wanted to drop back to D Grade and I gladly took the oppurtunity for something a little more civilaised.

The Points was as I expected it to be. I rode as hard and long as I could, and kept up pretty well compared to how I was riding. I finnished the race well within the riders, and not to far really from getting into the points if I could have gotten a bit closer to the front earliier.

But that brings us to the Motor Pace. I have ridden many of these, but this was a very different race. It started out as normal. The bike pulled out into the throng of riders waiting to see who gets on the bike first. I was right at the back of the field as I did a pretty sneaky head count and saw that if I started last, I would be on the bike with 3 laps to go and in a very good position. That was the plan, and like all plans it went wrong...........................

With about 6 laps to go, i started to notice that we were slowing ddown a little. A gap had started to appear 2 back from the bike, and it was getting bigger by the second. By the time we got around to 5, the gap was at least 40 mtrs and getting bigger and I started to panic. I shout at the riders in front to go around, or et the girl off the front who was slowing us down. All of a sudden my call to arms got everyone going. We had to bridge the gap and, get back into the fight. I managed to get a pretty good wheel and held it rigt tiill we caught the 2 on the bike. 4 laps to go and i was in 5th wheel. The rider on the bike pulled off and left me in 4th wheel with half a chance at 4 to go, then for some reason the next rider pulled off and i was in 3rd wheel with three to go. It was then that I thought not what position I could finnish, I new I could win. 2 to go and the bike is still kicking along at around 40K/hr, and I was looking at where and when I was going to make my move.

Bike pulls of and we head to the bell. Out of the first turn the move from the second rider dose not come. He simply moves to the side and up to the blue line, and leaves me a big hole. I start stomping on the pedals, looking to make a move in the turn for home. I make the gap and I am on the leader and still have a little ground to make up. As we go through the back turn I hear the screaming and cheering urging me on to the finnish. I keep stomping the pedals up and down as fast as I could, making sure I was almost on the red line and leaving enough room in case soemthing went wrong.

But that never happend. I hit the line a wheel in front to screaming and cheering in the front straight. It was one of the best races I have not only riddden, but one of the best Club Races seen at DISC for a while.

The hardest $10 I have ever earnt.....................................


For those wanting some road K's

The Saturday or Sunday morning rides are about to start again..

For those looking to do some extra K's over the darker months, and need a bit of a hend to get motivated, i am doing about 50 to 100 k's on either Saturday or Sunday mornings.

These are basically "junk mile" rides to help out those who need some extra base, and just really want to go out and ride with a bunk of people.

Just drop me an E-Mail if you want to join up and have a laugh....

So it has started again....

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The pain has begun in prep for the X-Mas Handicaps!!

Well after only three or four days off the bike, the decission was made. I am putting cash away now, and slowly picking up bits and pieces i will need to do the WHOLE X-MAS CARNIVAL CIRCUIT!!

For those that have never done it, or seen it, it begins in Horsham and finnish's in Shepparton about 4 or 5 days later. The racing is fast and hard, but you really need to be able to ride a very strong handicap and that's where my focus lies now.

I have started to do all the BASE work now. This is the hardest thing, beacause it is all done on race gears and done over 2-5 min intervals. I am starting to feel a bit flat already and it has only been 2 weeks!! The bonus is that when it comes to move focus, i will be absolutely firing and ready to go o the next level.

So off i go back to the Road and when it is to much the Ergo will get a workout...


Almost another year done

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Now where did i put that beer??

With another year of racing almost over, it's time to think about some x training and where and what i want to do next year.

So after Shepparton on the 21st, i will take 2 weeks to decide what it is i am looking to do, but i think there is a few more K's i will need to do...


To hot to do anything

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But tonight i better do something, cause the 31st is just 2 weeks away.

I have been training up my endurance a little as of late to try and get over the line in a Handicap or Two if i get the chance. MAX efforts over 10 and 15 min with lots of seated and standing 10-15 sec MAX thrown in for good measure have made sure that i am kinda tired and need a little easy work to keep ticking over. I have been riding the Fixie as much as possable with a tiny 68" gear to keep spinning those legs and the extra K's seem to help.

But the heat stopped me in my tracks yesterday!! I had planned on racing at DISC last night and just couldn't find the strength to get on the bike and do 1 lap. DISC is no place for a summer race as it is real stuffy and hot, and there was no way you were getting me on a bike there last night, even the line judges were swetting it out.

So tonight in Air Con Comfort (my bedroom) i will snap out 3 x 15 min MAX and fall into bed wondering "When will this all be worth it. I know, when i place in my heat for The Austral Wheel Race".


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