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I have become something I love! A Cyclist.

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I know it has been a while since i have put anything in here but i have been very busy with things at home; work; training; and racing. Things have been hectic and i have that time a quite a precious commodity.

Lets talk Track racing first.

My apperances at the BBN Velo have been numerous and prostigous at times. I have tasted the highs of being the  winner and the stinging heart ache of defeat. But over all i don't suck any more and think the C Grade riders better start looking over there shoulders. I have managed to find that i am now kinda inbetween the D Grade and C Grade riders at the moment so thats a big push from not even being able to finnish an E Grade race. My dreams of knocking on the B Grade door next year are looking quite good.

My performance at the Club Champs was nothing but surpriseing not only to me, but Carl and the other on lookers probably never thought i was able to do what i did. I managed 4th fastest in the flying 200. at a 14.44 that is the fastest i have ever gone and this PB will stand for a while. If i can get it down to a 14 flat for next season i will be very happy. My race for third against Carl was something i think we will both remember. He was better than me on the day, but i made sure i kept him honest! As for the other races i managed to do the best i can and thats all i can do. It was great to think that if i was on slightly bigger gear i might have been able to stay with them a little better in the scratch race.

Now i get ready for the 2007/2008 season and i am looking forward to the New Years carnival at Shepparton. That's My Goal Now.

Now it's all other riding stuff.

I have been riding to Glenvale and racing then taking a quick training ride after. This has been something i thought i would never be able to do, and now i am doing 60-80 k on a Sunday! Glenvale is a kind of race that i think i could do better at over time, and time is something i have on my side. I look forward to riding there every Sunday morning now and cant wait to get going. I try and creep up the K's every week to increase the time and distance i do.

With the way i am riding at the moment i will be doing the Philip Island Road Race! I will go and throw my hat in the ring and ride the dam thing as fast and smart as i can. Working for the other ABOC'ers or riding for my self. It will be the biggest and best test of my Race Skills and abillity, and when i complete it i will smile slightly and think to myself "Now Your A Cyclist".


Hooray for Saturday & Sunday!!

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Or How I won the day at BBN Track on Saturday and discovered something new in my self on Sunday.

Well Saturday and Sunday were both HUGE days for me in my short cycling carer. I have fond a niech as a sprinter, a "Pure" sprinter. But as I progress, I seem to be getting better at the longer races.

Saturday was a hot dry afternoon of about 30 odd degrees and the track was most definately hotter. I was warming up and could only think "It's a tough day today" and couldn't shake my doubts. We started the scratch race with only 4 of us in D Grade. The pace was a little on and off for the 12 laps. On of the girls kept surging as she hit the front to hurt us and the other girl held up the pace so everyone slowed and got there breath back. I was making sure I had my position right in the line with 2 to go. I was on the back knowing that as we we crossed I would be in 3rd wheel and primed ready. Now what happened next was the most damnedest thing. We get the bell and I'm in thrid wheel thinking "I have to make some room now" and then it happened. The girl on the front pulled up so I was second wheel and knew I could roll over the top and win. Then as we hit the 200 mark, the girl in front of me pulled out of the sprinters lane leaving me clear to put the foot down and leave them behind. I couldn't beleive my luck. A 100 mtr lead out for the win from two riders.

The Sprint Derby was next and you know what happened there. I left'em for dead in the heat, and blasted away in the final. I knew they were never going to catch me and it was a "safe as houses" bet I was going to win. I love sprinting. It's something I am good at, and have fairly good understanding of how to win. The sprint is something where my 2 strenghts come into play. That's Patience, and Strength. You must be Patient in a sprint. Go to early and your done, and to late you wont make the front in time. Strength to get on top of the gear and spin it right out. The rest is learing and time but if you have Patience and Strength give Sprinting a go.

I was never going to win the Points Race but gave it a shake anyway. Took third in the first sprint and second in the second. After the second sprint I was done. I knew I was never going to be able to contest the last sprint as my legs started to turn off and I could barely pedal.

So Overall Winner D Grade for me!

Now after admitting to Carl that Glenvale is about 5k from my home and I drive because there is 2 hills (now stop the "Boo Hoo Trakie") he said if I keep driving he will make sure that I ride there. Now I don't know what he was going to do, but I didn't want to risk it.

So this morning I got up, showered and fed, grabbed the bike and was determined to ride to Glenvale. As usuall I blew up on the first hill out the front door from my place and had that "No not me. Where's the car" thought but shook it away and kept going. When I got to the next hill, I found that it was much easier and made it up no problems and much easier than the first hill.

Yep that's right. I rode to Glenvale and raced E Grade. After the race I caught up with Mick T, Matt D, and Rob C, and had a chat about the racing and then I rode home. Yep RODE HOME!! I am amased at how far I have come and have found that I am more confident in my abilitys. I will now do a bit more road riding (even though it scares the begebus out of me) and that will intern improve my track rideing.

It has been a big weekend for me. First overall Saturday and first rode, raced, rode on Sunday.


Leongatha Track Carnival

Is that how fast i REALLY need to be?

Most of the ABOC crew took to the Leongatha track to turn pedals in anger. I on the other hand was "Wrech Monkey" and taking a good look at the compition i will be facing in December.

Watching the likes of Dino, Rich and Carl ride in the top parts of most of the field in there races made me realize how far i have come, and still how far i need to go. I know there was no way i was ever going to be competative if i had of ridden, but i might have not come last at least.

My next goal is to start racing at DISC on Thursdays (Yes Dino i am waiting for you to coem bac). This will add not only to my skills, but i will be able to keep an eye on most of the competition!

Look out kids here i come! 

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