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DISC racing

by nathanlarkin — last modified 2009-04-30 08:45
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When you need to try and get faster, Thursday Motor Pace will break your legs off.

Well Thursday Night at DISC is not only getting faster, but harder to go up in grades as well. I have been riding really well and holding my own in most fields of riders. I have ducking between C and D grade depending on the fileds and riders. I have managed to stay in D the last couple of weeks, keeping out of trouble and near the pointy end of the field. 

Last week i took a hard fought win in the Motorpace, but this week is a completely diferent story.

I rode well, and kept pace by following wheels and getting in my steady rythum. I seem to have found a gear that really agrees with my style of riding. The  races were fast and i managed to get into the first 6 or 7 in the Scratch and won the last sprint in the Points. The Motorpace was unbeliveably fast and i only lasted to the last 3 laps and had to pull out.

The good from the night was not just how well i rode, but how i felt riding all the events. I have never thought i could complete all events with not as much as a heavy pant and now think i need to put a bit more tactical presence in so i can take a few more points and win more races.

Next weeks mission; top 4 in Scratch; more than 5 Points; WIN THE MOTORPACE.... 

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