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Base fitness is starting to come back.....

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But still a fair way off at the moment..

Well today was the first time i have ridden into work for a long while. I took it real easy (well as easy as you can in a 20 knot head wind) and managed to do  2hr 20min for the 40 k's to Preston from Che Larkin.

On checking my data for the ride an average of 18.7 k/hr and a HR of 147 means i was just over my E1 HR for the ride. Pretty good for a 99kg sprinter who has struggle for time on the bike with sickness and a bad knee.

Now i look forward to a few more rides like that so as to improve my racing. Now that my Power and Strength are up where i like, i just have to get that endurance going.


Racing at DISC Tonight...

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Everything is starting to fall into place..

Well it's Thursday and that means DISC is hot with some very dedicated riders, and the pace was on in all grades.

As usual i roll up for my D grade racing and gave myself a bit of a surprise tonight. I managed to keep up the pace in the Scratch race and found i was off the back with only 2 to go. Not bad for me. The Points is always something i really don't like. This time i found myself on the front with 2 to go to the first sprint. Well the rest really wrote itself, a pair tried to have a go but i just kept powering on and took the firt sprint. I was holding in there but fell off the back not long after. The last race of the night was the Motor Pace. I should be pretty good here, as it is a race that sort of suits the Sprinters. Tonight i found myself at 4 to go having to swing up and sit on the back. To many surges and i just could hold my position, plus the pace was pretty high.

So another night and some better results for me. I know that i am stronger than ever, my power is really good, now i just have to work on my endurance a bit.


As ready as i will ever be....

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Bring on October 5th

Well i had my firs ride at DISC for the first time in a long time. I managed to almost finnish each race. I missed the last three laps if the Scratch Race and the Points Race. I managed to finnish the motorpace on the lead lap.

Not bad for a guy that has done absolutely NO ENDURANCE WORK at all on the bike.

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