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Now that i really know how far it is, I have no excuse.

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If i can ride to work as fast as it takes on the train, then who needs the train???

Well today was my first official commute to work and with the HRM on i was able to get a boot load of data on how i am going and where i need to improve. I was also able to measure out my route and make sure i am doing it in a time that was relavant to getting better and trying to stay within my training limits.

So from Noble Park Nth to Preston via the most direct route is 38 k. Now thats taking a pretty easy and not very hill way through Clayton, Carnegie, Brighton, St Kilda, Metro Melb, Brunswick, Northcote, Thornbury, and finaly Preston.

It's a nice ride almost exclusively on Bike Lane the whole way!! I am addicted to the commute now and feel the need to do more. I might even start to ride home as well as in.


It's Time to Commute To Preston!!

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And the time it takes is almost the same as a train?? That's inprobable!!

Well i have made the first commute from Preston to Noble Park Nth. It took about 2hrs and 15 min and i covered about 55 k. Now if my math is about right it looks like about 25.5 k/Hr. I have to admit that this is probably the longest single ride i have completed in a long time.

Now that this have been done, i really think i will have to look at doing this commute as often as possable due to the fact it takes bugger all time and i recon i could get it down to 2 hr or even 1.5 hrs if i get going a bit.

One reason for the commute is that i have been struggleing a little for fitness and my weight gust wont seem to drop. I have taken to diet but it just wont shift. So doing the commute will help drop the weight, and get some extra K's in the legs. I am also kinda proud that i was able to finnish such a ride. Bev and i have been doing our weekend Lunch ride for ages and i never thought i could cover the distance we do over 2 stints in 1 hit!!

Now i look to Shepparton carnival and a new year filled with bigger and better steps.

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