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Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer He's a demon on wheels!

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I am now a member of the 200 club!

Just a small note for all those concerned with all things Nathan.

Last night being Tuesday i finally managed to crack the 200 rpm cadence mark with a 202 (172.5 mm Cranks) in one of the HCLR runs. I never thought i would make it this far.

Now to crack 210.


Bloody Wind (not mine Mother Nature)

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Just when you thought it wouldn't get any harder PSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Well today was the ride i missed yeasterday because of work. I miss my time on the bike with Bev and anyone else that wants to come alone. Working Sucks and rideing makes more sense. If i didn't have to do a delivery yesterday on the way i was planning to ride from Preston back home to Noble Park as my training and then off to Masters Track this morning. But alas my best plans were shot to ribbons and i had to plan my big ride for today.

Bev and one of her friends got to my place at around 9 and we were off by 9.30 due to a few forgetfull things on my part. It was going to be an interesting ride when on one of the easier down hill sections both my drink botttles fell out when i hit a pot hole in the road. This was Karma letting me know that i haven't ridden my race bit for a while and the training bike was at home.

We were setting a great pace and managed to keep a great average of about 25 K/hr for the section from Noble Park to Frankston. The turn around point was the toilets before the Night Club section where we could take a pit stop if needed.

Back up Nepean Hwy to our normal lunch spot and a bit of a perve at Linda the waitress.

Lunch took a bit of sting out of our leggs, and it took a little bit of time for them to warm again and find that magic cadence. Along Neapan Hwy to Station St and choof along to Edithvale Rd heading home. So far we hadn't mentoned the stiff head wind but thought better not to. Usually you can get a good run back up Springvale Rd with the wind to your back. Not today thought. We struggled a little with the wind but then PSSSSSHHHHHHHH i blow a tire half way up Spingy Rd near Cheltenham Rd. So over we pull so i can change the stupid thing and back off we are.

So my cherry has been popped. I am the first in my small riding group to puncher on one of our rides. We made it back to Chez Larkin after 3 hours in the saddle and all felt a little better for it.


Work Hard Train Harder?

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Where is that dam clock??

I havn't written much lately as i have been training like a mad man and working myself metal. Time is a commodity i have yet to learn any respect for, and think it will last froever. I think i need to take a step back and look at all things clock related and determine what things i need to change to get the most out of my riding.

Wroking in Preston at the bike shop is a killer. It's about an hour travell each way by car; about an hour and a half by public transport; or if i tried to do it on the bike we would be looking at two hours. At work there is no shower so that makes riding in a bit of a smelly idea and working retail and being smelly dont really mix. I try and take the train as often as i can but with wanting to get home earlie to see my kids or needing to deliver something on my way home seems to keep the car an option for most of what i do.

Yet i still struggle to find time to train! Life seems to take time and piss it away for me. Working is taking up alot of my time. Traing is taking up alot of my time. Trying to be a good husband and father is taking up alot of my time.

Thank Christ i enjoy all the torment my lovely, delicate, chosen profession, sport, and family life or i would be a psyco by now.

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