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Good Lord I need help.....

No really please help me I'm sick.....

Don't really know how this happened but I have yet another track bike almost built in my "Bike Hole" (as there is no room to put the car in it shall be re-named). All I need is an Italian BB and the pics will appear, although there are many of it around already.........

I have also been conned yet again in doing the Vocals at the Preston Junior Track Carnival so if you've got nothing to do on Sunday 28th Feb please drop down and watch some great racing by the kids.

Sunday the 28th is a real busy day for me as I not only have the Preston Cycling Club, there is also Brunswick CC Rock and Roller Racing on the same day, and after those I am running the DISC session on my lonesome. I will be running around like a mad man, but I know it will be RAD fun....



It's been so long, but I think I am ready now................

Or at least I hope so....

It has taken quite a while and with a few misshaps i think i'm ready to take on the riders at BBN Velo again. Times have been a little ruff for me at the minute and i think m y mind has been a little if not a lot preoccupied with other things. Time has been pf the essence, and yet i am still finding it hard to hit my straps.

I had a disastorus ride in Shepparton that has really put my racing and training back to a place i dont like, and that's back to the start. I was ment to be a social ride and something a few of us ABOC'ers were going to do for fun. I went for a training ride on Saturday to meet Bev on the road somewhere in between Cobram and Shepparton. Here is a condensed list of what happened in numerical order.

1) Ran off the road by locals and binned it in the thick gravel.

2) Swoop by a magpie for about a 12 k stretch.

3) Turned onto the Murray Goulburn freeway and was swooped by another bird for 6 k.

4) Had a snake take a liking to my shoes and give chase for 5-10 mtrs.

5) Had a puncture 9 k out of Tallygaroopna.

6) Forgot to bring money and ranout of drink just 6 k from Shep and had to stop a IGA for toilets and water. Thanks to Bev for Lollies as i even forgot food when i took a closer look.

So as you can see it was a kinda eventful ride to Shep and i was glad it was over when we got in. Had dinner and left Bev and Rob at the caravan park looking to the morning for the ride. When we got back to the farm i noticed that my knee was a little swollen and a small lump had  made it self home just under my knee. So thought i would see how this goes and make a decission in the morning.

Well with a bigger lump i was off to Cobram Hospital to see if there was anything they could do. Two X Rays and an ultrasound said i should keep off it for a couple of days and if it doesn't go down i will need to drop back in to the hospital or an Arthriscope. NO MORE SURGERY was the only thing i was thinking and came back to Melbourne as the lump seemed to go down almost overnight (OK it was still there 2 days later but was almost gone and was not there 4 days later).

So i still had a little pain and was a bit stiff so i went and got a massage telling the guy i had a fall and he should be a little gental on me. After about 10 minuets he managed to pop my shoulder back in (i didn't even think it was out) and felt a little more pain. More and more pain came in the dyas after so off to the Physio i went (on the recomendation of a few others) and he couldn't really find anything major untill we had the ultrasound and found the fracture in my Collar Bone!

So now over 3 weeks after the Shepparton debarkle i am almost fit (nothing hurting from broken or bashed) enough to have my first real race back. 

I had a bit of a ride this morning down to Glenvale for a look, then up to see my girls have a hit of tennis then home. 25 k with no pain in my shoulder but a little in the knee, but thats only because i have had trouble riding because of the other pains and it will come good over the next few days of training.

My Treck Summer Sprint Series was a fizzer as i could barely hold the bars and could only muster a 14.6 so a little dissapointed is an understaement. I know i can go alot faster and think the December edition will be a totaly different scenerio. 


Philip Island was a fizzer. But whatch out "BBN Track Riders"!

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In the best South Park Saddam voice "I'm Coming to get ya".

Well my Phillip Island campain lasted 4 laps and out i went.

The track seems different on a pushbike for some reason? For the many times i rode it, i never noticed that ther was basically 2 hills, and the leg sapping up and down nature of the course takes every ounce of strength and courage to get around it. Still for my first time riding it and doing it in D Grade was alot of fun.

This only means that my track riding will get better and better as time goes on. My legs are getting stronger, and i am getting fitter with each ride. I am not far from starting to get back into some intensity work so my apperances at DISC will gain in occurance soon.

Looking forward to C Grade, i think some of the longer races might give me some trouble, but for my pet events like the Keirin, Motor Pace, and sprints i will be up near the pointy end.

So remember kids "Im coming to get ya".

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