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When is it gonna be my time............

by nathanlarkin — last modified 2010-05-12 18:46
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Or how to split yourself into 20 and still survive the carnage.

Time takes it toll on everyone, even me sometimes. I have been spread pretty thin as of late, but seem to be making it to everything and keeping up on what I need to do. Even training is getting a bit easier with better time management, and having great frineds like Bev; Darren "Bang Bang" Rodgers; Thomay Michahablahablahabla to ride with on Wednesday Nights in the cold and wet...

The aboc Saturday Junk Run is starting to take shape again with a few more riders begging for time and wanting to come along. This is something that I thought would never really go much further as interest was lost and time became a problem, but Staurday mornings a small groupetto of fool hardy souls join each other for a quick 40-60 klm depending on your geography. As the group is getting bigger, I will now start to publisize the ride again, and hope the group gets even bigger. We will still have to make the hard decissions in really rainy weather, but most will have my number and a quick call will find out if the ride is on or off.

With finalization of my Level 1 just around the corner, I am pretty exited. It has been a pretty drawn out process, but I am on the home stretch and can see the light. As with everything life tends to rear its ugly head, and some things get left behind. With only a Bike Fit and a First Aid certification left to do it shouldn't be to long now.

I have a new baby at home as well........... An Avanti Cadent Team...... Not one of those things that screams; eats; poos; sleeps...... Sounds alot like me really. I have only taken it for one quick belt around the Yarra Blvd, but I am VERY VERY IMPRESSED. After a few more rides I should have a better handle on what the bike is like and I will right a full report then.

Racing coming up for me will be Teschner Grand Prix. This looks to be a pretty hard day, but will be great fun. If I can get a bit more road racing miles in the leggs, track sould be a bit easier over summer.

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