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Base fitness is starting to come back.....

by nathanlarkin — last modified 2008-10-12 03:17
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But still a fair way off at the moment..

Well today was the first time i have ridden into work for a long while. I took it real easy (well as easy as you can in a 20 knot head wind) and managed to do  2hr 20min for the 40 k's to Preston from Che Larkin.

On checking my data for the ride an average of 18.7 k/hr and a HR of 147 means i was just over my E1 HR for the ride. Pretty good for a 99kg sprinter who has struggle for time on the bike with sickness and a bad knee.

Now i look forward to a few more rides like that so as to improve my racing. Now that my Power and Strength are up where i like, i just have to get that endurance going.

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