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I think I am almost ready.

by nathanlarkin — last modified 2007-02-26 06:12
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Well Saturday turned out kinda nice for the weather but the track felt kinda weired. I don't quite know what it was, but the gear i was riding (86) felt a little to big and i wasn't feeling real comfortable. I had a few laps on the warm up and was tossing up if i should change down a gear or not and the racing had already started.

As the given rule is we had the Scratch race first. I pulled out a few earlie peels and found my self in about 4th wheel coming up to a lap to go. When the jumped i went as well with a pretty good stamp of authority and managed to take the long way round for second. I wasn't that far from first, but the traffic and having to take the blue line around them all soaked up some time.

Next was the Handicap. I am starting to considermyself not a bad mid-marker now off 90 mtrs and being able to wind up enough to take second. I almost had third as i eased up a bit before the line because i was buggered doing so much work to gwet around everyone, but put in a little bit more sprint to keep them at bay. It was a pretty good race for me as i was shouting instructions to the juniors and the responded as i had hoped. They answered my calls of "fill the gap" with "No" or "In" when they were able to. It was great that everyone worked together and tried to catch the front markers.

We had a Motor Pace next and i really struggled to just keep going at this race. I took the bike from the start and really should have done 2 laps on the front to recover from the effort just getting on the bike, but peeled after the first and found my self dropping off the back and not able to hold them. I didn't come last, but still could have put in a better effort from hindsight.

So another Saturday of racing and another week of getting closer to the top of D Grade. I have given myself until the end of this year to make C Grade and think if my results keep going the way they are, i will start the 07/08 season in C Grade.

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